2016 was the Year of the Cat. We moved sport and fashion forward by staying true to our brand values. The year was characterised by authenticity and creativity, giving PUMA newfound momentum that will continue to drive us forward as the world’s fastest sports brand.

Brand Overview

For PUMA, Sport is Lifestyle. Usain Bolt proved it with his spectacular performance in Rio. The world marvelled at his speed and joined in his celebration. Usain showed that sport and lifestyle are best when inseparable. The closer they are, the more exciting they become and the more impact they have.

In 2016, we made an impact by merging the best from both worlds. We competed and celebrated from the European Championships in France to the Olympics in Rio. We introduced stylish women’s training collections, revived and reinvented the PUMA Disc, and launched another chapter in PUMA Tricks boots. We merged sport and streetwear cues to create the Fierce and the IGNITE evoKNIT. We found our stride, turned goals into realities, and achieved a shift in the perception of our brand.

Our brand visibility increased thanks to purposeful partnerships with ambassadors from sport and culture. Footballers Antoine Griezmann and Hector Bellerin, Grammy-winning artist The Weeknd, entrepreneur and Snapchat-queen Kylie Jenner, and New York City Ballet dancers Mimi Staker and Olivia Boisson are just some examples. Their personalities and performances elevated our game, and they have helped us to tap into young consumers’ desires and connect with them in meaningful ways.

In 2016, our Forever Faster brand values came to life. The FENTY PUMA by Rihanna Collection proved that brave design not only makes an impact but also performs incredibly well in the market. Cara Delevingne’s confident voice set the tone for our new women’s campaign, ‘Do You.’

Leicester City were determined to win the English Premier League and they rose to victory against all odds. In 2016, we saw the value of joyful in many moments from Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo drinking from his shoe to Usain Bolt and Andre De Grasse smiling as they crossed the 200m semi-final finish line.

Joyful keeps us coming back for more – and more is what we want in 2017. Our success comes from working together as a PUMA Family, and togetherness creates momentum. If we continue to focus our energy on the things that are working for us, we will turn 2017 into an even greater success. 

They make rules. They impose dress codes. They even assigned you a color at birth. But you?
You defy the status quo. You don’t take “no” for an answer. You prove them wrong by proving yourself right.
You Do You.

This women’s campaign has set out with a goal: to connect and resonate with women around the world and inspire them to be the best, truest versions of themselves. Its voice drives a conversation. It speaks with conviction. The campaign inspires women to accept who they are, make their own rules, and take ownership of themselves. It encourages women to be confident, motivated and never willing to compromise on anything, from their personal style to their workouts to their life. The beauty of it: it never uses the word “women” and yet women just get it. The campaign’s strong alignment between fashion-forward products and highly influential ambassadors has driven PUMA’s women’s business to newer, bolder levels.